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A precision welder of stamped, fabricated and machined parts. Prototype to Production. Short and long run. M.I.G., T.I.G., Projection weld, spot welding of Aluminum, Steel, Stainless Steel and some Exotic metals. Secondary services also available: Paint, Polish, Powder coat and plating.


ASME Pressure Vessels
T.I.G. Welding


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Tri-Weld optimizes quality and maintains competitive pricing to provide exceptional Welding for your money. This is accomplished by facilitating partnerships with stampers, fabricators, machine shops and manufacturers. Working together on objectives and solving problems allows Tri-Weld to assist in job control cost.

Tri-Weld provides welding and finishing services for a variety of businesses such as stampers, machine shops, fabricators, manufacturers and more. Tri-Weld welcomes any size job or special request.


Tri-Weld completes long and short production runs, as well as prototypes. Producing quality welds for over 35 years has earned an impeccable reputation with our customers.

Consistency is paramount on Tri-Weld’s production line. Our employees are properly trained, and our facility is streamlined, which allows us to efficiently produce a consistent product.
Tri-Weld incorporates a high degree of integrity, experience and technical knowledge to meet the needs of each client. We also provide secondary services including brazing and polishing.

Tri-Weld Enterprises Inc. • 4411 Detroit Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44113 • P: 216-281-6009 • F: 216-281-6011